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Load your Google API with some limitations.

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  • High Accurate Mp3 Transcription
  • Text to Speech with Natual Voices
  • Load Google API Credential
  • 5 minutes Mp3/Flac Audio Recognition Per Time
  • 500 Words for Text-to-Speech Per Time
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Why Purchase EasySpeech2Text Pro

#1 Powered by Googld cloud API and 99% accuracy of mp3 transcription and text-to-speech.

#2 Super easy way to call Google Speech-to-text and text-to-speech API directly.

#3 The cheapest mp3 transcription software and TTS application.

#4 Safe to use Google Cloud API.

Professional Reviews from Editors

How the editors say about Easy Speech2Text


Easy Speech2Text makes for an excellent choice as an audio to text converter. Offering clutter-free operation and a customizable audio output for the text to audio conversion, it is highly recommended, especially to novice users.


With that in mind, wed like to recommend an alternative known as Easy Speech2Text. From our testing in recent times, it does a splendid job when converting speech to text.


Easy Speech2Text is speech recognition software that converts your words to text. Way faster than transcribing a recording you made of notes drafting a speech, dissertation or presentation, a business letter, or an essay, Easy Speech2Text saves you hours of work.


Easy Speech2Text provides you with a simple-to-use speech recognition software to convert your spoken words into plain text. You also have the option to convert text to voice. Easy Speech2Text will come in handy if you need to have the text of a short dissertation or perhaps an interview transcribed.